what is ifsc code of Paytm bank?

Paytm Bank is one of the most popular digital wallets in India. It is a part of the Paytm Group that was founded in 2010. The company offers services such as online payments and banking, e-commerce, and mobile recharge. Paytm Bank has made life easier for many Indians by allowing them to make payments and transactions from their phones or computers quickly and securely. But have you ever wondered what an IFSC code is, and how it relates to Paytm Bank? In this article, we’ll explore the answer to this question and more – so keep reading!

what is ifsc code of Paytm bank
what is ifsc code of Paytm bank

What is an IFSC code?

An IFSC code is an 11-digit code that identifies a particular bank branch for the purpose of transferring funds. The first four characters of the IFSC code correspond to the bank’s name, while the last six characters represent the specific branch of that bank.

In order to transfer funds using an IFSC code, you will need to provide the payee’s name, account number, and IFSC code. The payee’s bank will then use the IFSC code to route the payment to the correct bank and branch.

What is the IFSC code of Paytm Bank?

How to use an IFSC code?

An IFSC code is required when making a payment through the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) system. When using NEFT, you will need to provide the IFSC code of the payee’s bank in order to ensure that the funds are transferred to the correct account.

The steps for using an IFSC code are as follows:

  1. Check the payee’s bank details and find their IFSC code. This can usually be found on their website or on your bank statement.
  2. Enter the payee’s bank details into your online banking portal. This will include their account number and IFSC code.
  3. Enter the amount of money you wish to transfer and confirm the transaction.
  4. The funds will then be transferred to the payee’s account within a few hours.


The Paytm Bank IFSC Code is an important piece of information for any kind of banking transaction, whether it’s online payments or transferring funds. It helps to ensure that the money reaches its intended recipient quickly and safely. With the help of this code, users can easily locate their nearest branch and carry out their transactions with greater ease and convenience. We hope that this article helped you understand what an IFSC Code is and why it is necessary in order to make banking transactions smoother.

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